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Screen shot of VBShop The following instructions are for downloading and installing the VBShop web application. VBShop is a shopping basket style site. The site is intended to demonstrate some of VBWeb's features such as HTML templates, cookies, and error handling. For error handling, you can cause an error to see how VBWeb handles errors. Even though the error is not handled by the site, VBWeb's last line of defence can still recover from the error. To cause an error, try checking out an empty shopping basket.

VBShop is not complete. It would need a lot of work before it could be used publicly.
  • Visitors cannot remove items from their cart.
  • It does not calculate taxes.
  • There's no way to mark off the orders that have been filled.
These instructions are consice and assume some experience installing such sites. You will need an unzip program such as PKUnzip or WinZip. VBShop also has the same requirements as any other VBWeb application.
For specific instructions on how to find your Document Root and CGI directory and how to point your browser at a CGI script, jump to Web Server Directory Mapping.
  1. First off, you need to find your web server's document root directory.
  2. Download into the document root directory.
    [Click here to download now]
    It takes under two minutes to download using a 33.6 modem.
  3. Make sure went into your web server's document root directory. If it is not, move it there.
  4. Be sure you know how to get your unzip program to recreate the subdirectories stored in the zip file. For PKUnzip, use the -d option. For WinZip, check Use Folder Names in the Extract dialog box.
  5. shows directories created by unzipping vbshop. Unzip the file into your web server's document root directory. This creates the vbshop directory, the vbshop/cgi-bin/vbshop directory, and a few more.
  6. Move the deeper vbshop directory from vbshop/cgi-bin to your web server's standard CGI directory. This vbshop directory contains the VB project file, vbshop.vbp, and the source code.
  7. Open vbshop.vbp into Visual Basic and make an executable out of it. Do not try to run it from within Visual Basic! For the first run, it can only be run as an executable and by a browser.
  8. If you plan to work and compile from a different machine than your web server and the web server does not have Visual Basic installed, then you will need to create a full installation of VBShop and install it on the web server. This installs a set of DLLs and other support files needed to run a VB application. You only need to do this once. After the first time, you can copy just the executable to the web server.
  9. Enter the URL for the executable into your browser. For example:

You may download VBWeb for free but you may not distribute VBWeb or use any part of it for commercial use or profit without a signed written agreement between you and NEWMAN Services Corp. 973-228-5753

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