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What Will Happen
Installing VBWeb only provides the documentation and the two Visual Basic modules. There is no setup program. All you do is download and unzip all the files into one directory yourself. There are no binaries, DLLs, or other support files that go in the Windows or System directories. No links go in the Start Bar unless you decide to put them there.
For specific instructions on how to find your Document Root, jump to Web Server Directory Mapping.
  1. Find your web server's Document Root directory.
  2. make a new directory called vbweb.
  3. Download VBWeb into this new directory.
    [Click here to download now]
  4. Make sure is in the new directory. If it is not, move it there.
  5. Unzip the file into the new directory using PKUNZIP or WinZip.
  6. To view the documentation, point a browser at the index.htm file in the new directory. For example,

You may download VBWeb for free but you may not distribute VBWeb or use any part of it for commercial use or profit without a signed written agreement between you and NEWMAN Services Corp. 973-228-5753

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