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So let's say you're a VB programmer and you want to write a data enabled web application that runs on any browser. Two popular choices are WinCGI and Microsoft Visual InterDev. These quick comparison tables are intended to help you choose between them.

WinCGI Pluses
  • Works with most of the popular 32bit Windows web servers.
  • Popular
  • Easy to debug by stepping through code.
WinCGI Down Side
  • HTML is berried in VB code and cannot be edited with HTML editors.
  • No Persistent State Information or Cookie support.
  • Slowed down by file I/O.
  • Does not keep database connections open.
Visual InterDev Pluses
  • HTML can be edited with the HTML editor of your choice.
  • Supports Persistent State Information.
  • Faster by keeping database connections open.
Visual InterDev Down Side
  • Only works with IIS and Personal Web Server.
  • Hard to debug.
VBWeb Pluses
  • Works with any 32bit Windows web server that supports Standard CGI.
  • Moves between web servers without code changes.
  • Uses HTML Templates that can be edited with an HTML editor.
  • Easy to debug by stepping through code.
  • Supports Cookies but you code Persistent State Information support.
  • As fast as any CGI.
VBWeb Down Side
  • Does not keep database connections open.



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