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Sinan Mosques in Istanbul

Iskele Mosque, Uskudar 1548
Next to a beautiful fountain and the farry dock. 1st of 2 mosques built for Mihrimah, daughter of Suleyman and wife of Rustem Pasa.
9 shots. More ...

Suleymaniye Mosque 1557
The largest Sinan mosque in Istanbul. Built for Suleyman the Magnificent. Contains Sinan's and Suleyman's Mausoleum.
20 shots. More ...

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Edirnekapi 1565
Built for Mihrimah, Suleyman's daughter and wife of Rustem Pasa. 161 Windows and no halfdomes. The interior is filled with sunlight. (20m wide and 35m high)
9 shots. More ...

Azapkapi Mosque 1578
This poor neglectid mosque is right next to Ataturk Bridge.
5 shots. More ...

Sehzade Mosque / Prince's Mosque 1548
Sinan’s 2nd largest in Istanbul. 1st royal mosque by Sinan and an example of his apprenticeship.
9 shots. More ...

Rustem Pasa Mosque 1561
Built for Rustem Pasa, the Grand Vizier and son-in-law of Suleyman and husband of Suleyman's daughter, Mihrimah. Covered with Iznik tile all around.
18 shots. More ...

Sokollu Mehmet Pasa Mosque 1572
Crammed into a small sloping plot. Contains some of the most beautiful examples of Isnik tiles.
13 shots. More ...

Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque 1580
I only saw the outside of this one. It's right next to Tophane Fountain and nice outdoor cafe.
6 shots. More ...
And not too far from Nusretiye Mosque for which I got several shots. [See Nusretiye Mosque]

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