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ASP Sites
asptodayin new window
Very good articles with ratings, by WROX. (Popular) (****) workshopin new window
programmersresourcein new window
asp101in new window
helps programmers through the use of tutorials, articles, news, a resource directory, and user forums. (Popular)
aspfreein new window
downloads, demos, source code. (**--)
connectionstringin new window
microsoft mindin new window
aspcode 2in new window
hotscripts ASPin new window
aspngin new window
Teaches and asp+, by
aspinin new window
links to all types of resources all reviewed. (****)
15secondsin new window
a free resource for developers working with Microsoft Internet Solutions. (Popular) (****)
poweraspin new window
offers articles, links, and tutorials.
swynkin new window
4guysfromrollain new window
offers ASP articles, FAQs, message boards, tips, reviews, humor, and more. (with (Popular)
aspwirein new window
news and articles by
asp-zonein new window
aspholein new window
aspwatchin new window
Articles and source by (***-)
ultimateaspin new window
asp-helpin new window
reviews, forum, resources, articles. (**--)
aspfaqin new window
learnaspin new window
resource site with tutorials for new users, articles, links, and book reviews. (with (Popular)
aspalliancein new window
An article a day including samples and tutorials. Small. (**--)
aspfaqsin new window
By (****)
aspcodein new window
Source code posted by visitors, about one a day. (*---)
asp.superexpertin new window
webdevelopersjournalin new window
an independent info source for web developers, publishers and internet business people. Includes articles, tutorials, reviews, downloads and discussion groups.
Source Code freevbcodein new window
Top Sites using ASP www5paqin new window, realtorin new window, monsterin new window, buy selectcountry.aspin new window, reelin new window, barnesandnoblein new window, hotbot.lycosin new window, dell us en genin new window
Individual ASP Articles asptoday articles 20000316in new window
File Upload Sans Control aspzone articles john aspUploadin new window, aspwatch c 200030 d7E08104159AE11D4AEED00A0C9E95208in new window, workshop server asp server052499in new window, strom pubwork ws398in new window
Learning ASP w3schools aspin new window
Graphic Dimensions Sans Controlin new window
Free Hosts cfm-resources*in new window, brinkster*in new window, Free ASP hosting List from aspcode.netin new window
ADO Connection Strings ADO Connection Stringsin new window, HOWTO: Open a Secured Access Database in ADO Through OLE DBin new window, OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Jetin new window
Shopping Cart Development Shopping Cart Application by Raymond F. Wismanin new window, comersusin new window, Creating an ASP Shopping Cart from Scratch by ActiveWeb Developerin new window

Interior Decorating sherwin-williams DIY interior colorselect colorplanning one_colorin new window
More or Hess - MSDN Online Voices
The Safety Palette - November 22, 1996in new window
Wheel of Color - August 14, 2000in new window
Scroll to bottom, click "view this dynamic sample"
Can Color-Blind Users See Your Site? - October 9, 2000in new window
Scroll to bottom, click "new version" for a modified DHTML-based tool
Scheming in Color - September 11, 2000in new window
Scroll to bottom, click "DHTML-based tool"
More or Hess by Robert Hessin new window
Advanced Color Poynton's Color FAQin new window, member.shtmlin new window
Browser Safe Palette world.std ~wij color index-animatedin new window, zdnet devhead stories articles 0,4413,2164527,00in new window, world.std ~wijin new window, the-light netcolin new window, buildingtheweb html colour 216colorin new window, killersites 1-designin new window, lynda hexhin new window
more about color MSDN's Robert Hess on Color 2in new window, MSDN's Robert Hess on Color 3in new window, MSDN's Robert Hess on Color 4in new window, MSDN's Robert Hess on Color 1in new window, jscruggs colorin new window
efuse Design palettesin new window, colormatters entercolormattersin new window, visibone linksin new window
Color Pickers
in this window in new window  
color theory webdesignclinic ezine colorin new window, workshop design color hess08142000in new window, library.thinkquest 50065 art effectsin new window, handprint HP WCL palette3in new window, watercolor-online Articles Complements complementsin new window, Housenet - Comfortable with Color Schemesin new window, TEACH floral colorin new window
Hans Brettel - CNRS Research Scientistin new window
Java applets simulating colorblindness and advusted color value data for the browser safe palette
Colorblindness explained by a color-blind designerin new window
Colour Blindness and Link Colours e-mail washingtoin new window
Colour Blind People and Link Colours e-mail gvsuin new window
Colorblind vision explained by Terrace L. Waggonerin new window
vischeckin new window
Online Colorblind Simulator for your own images and site
Colorblind Statsin new window
Considering the Color-Blind (by me at WebTechniques)in new window
Netscape colours e-mailin new window
Can Color-Blind Users See Your Site?in new window
ergogero Human Factors Sciencein new window

Disney Resorts
Port Orleans Riverside
dtp wdwguide 4_Accommodations PORR (mouseplanet)in new window
pics (kingdommagictravel)in new window
dvp wdw riverside (solarius)in new window
map (magicaltravel)in new window
map (wdwig)in new window
opinions (epinions)in new window
dtp maps wdw_resorts POR_map (mouseplanet)in new window
disney_resorts port_orleans_riverside description (disdad)in new window
cgi-bin magpie do display (disneycentral)in new window
faq_dxl (wdwig)in new window
disneyworld resorts port_orleans_riverside (kingdommagictravel)in new window
Caribbean Beach
lodg-Accommodations-North_America-Disney_World-epi0850 (epinions)in new window
**** tips (disdad)in new window
disney wdw caribbeach (berwicktravel)in new window
** look for best room locationsin new window
photos (mouse planet)in new window
ResortMaps caribbchrmap ( new window
photos (wdwig)in new window
satalite photo ( new window
**** (mouse planet)in new window
*** tips (mousetyme)in new window
disneyworld CaribbeanBeach (ineedavacation)in new window
map ( new window
map (mouseplanet)in new window
***** (wdwig)in new window
cbresort ( new window
photos (wdw4me)in new window
cbrmap1 (wdwig)in new window
**** tour-cb ( new window
resorts caribbean_beach (wdw4me)in new window
Port Orleans French Quarter
cgi-bin magpie do display (disneycentral)in new window
pomap1 (wdwig)in new window
port+orleans+pic (kingdomtravel)in new window
Coronado Springs
ResortMaps coromap ( new window
Map ( new window
disney_resorts coronado_springs description (disdad)in new window
Walking Tour ( new window
map (mouseplanet)in new window
disneyworld CoronadoSprings (ineedavacation)in new window
photo_tour (mouseplanet)in new window
csresort ( new window
dtp wdwguide 4_Accommodations CSR (mouseplanet)in new window
Hotel Lists
disney-world-resorts ( new window
disneyworld DisneyResorts (ineedavacation)in new window
3D rooms and lobbies (mouseearvacations)in new window
dtp wdwguide 4_Accommodations (mouseplanet)in new window
search.cfm country US state FL city Lake_Buena_Vista (travelhero)in new window
dvp wdw hotels (solarius)in new window
Q&A on mid priced rooms (familyfun.go)in new window
hotels (destinationorlando)in new window

Disney World
Disney's FairyTale Vacation Package
hot fj1 (4windstravel)in new window
promotions disney_summer_promo (delta-air.deltavacations)in new window
packages (mousesavers)in new window
Disney's FairyTale Vacation Package (vacations.gofox)in new window
Priority Seating Calculatorin new window
Priority Seatingin new window
Ground Transportationin new window
Extra Magic Hourin new window
fastpassin new window
Restorants by regional stylein new window
Pricing Out
spec america wdw74 (ual.unitedvacations)in new window
promotionDetail (continental.covacations)in new window
daily promos vacations DisneyWorld_FairytaleVacation (expedia)in new window
promotions disney_summer_promo (delta-air.deltavacations)in new window
Consumer aavspcfc (aav5.aavacations)in new window
Search Best Sites
Search disneyzone.netin new window
Search wdwigin new window
Search MousePlanetin new window
disney resort pool Coronadoin new window
disney resort pool Orleansin new window
blizzard beach typhoon lagoonin new window
disney resort pool caribbeanin new window
disney fairytale vacationin new window
Spirit of Aloha Polynesian Luauin new window
Hoop-Dee-Doo reviewin new window
rest_kid (wdwig)in new window
dtp wdwguide 5_Primer wdw_transportation charts trans_epcot (mouseplanet)in new window
user1 disneyworld (anycities)in new window
barnum42 (geocities)in new window
library (themeparks)in new window
disney (pansophist)in new window
TheTropics Shores 1622 wdw (geocities)in new window
Table Service Ratings
destinations waltdisneyworld 549_inddin (frommers)in new window
vacations disneyworld VII maps pdf wdwmap ( new window
Consumer avtodetail (aav5.aavacations)in new window
vacations disneyworld VII ( new window
dvp wdw property (solarius)in new window
aerial photosin new window
orlando-maps disney-world-hotel-map (greathotelprices)in new window
images disneymap ( new window
Tips, Advice, Guides, ...
disneycentralin new window
guide2wdwin new window
wdwigin new window
wdwtips (trivia.disneysites)in new window new window
dvp wdw (solarius)in new window
english places florida disneytips (usatourist)in new window
wdwinfoin new window
library weekly aa120502a (themeparks.about)in new window
Top Restaurants
Portobello+Yacht+Club (google)in new window
Downtown Disney, Pleasure Island, wdwfanatic:$$$, themeparkinsider:6 (7v), wdwinfo:4.2, (* $$$ Adult)
Boma (google)in new window
KIDS!, Lunch, buffet, Animal Kingdom Lodge, wdwfanatic:$$, themeparkinsider:8 (30v), (Ears A $$)
California+Grill (google)in new window
Contemporary, wdwfanatic:$$$$ A, themeparkinsider:9 (16v), (*** Ears C+ Top10 $$$)
Mickey's Backyard BBQ C$25 A$40in new window
Artist+Point (google)in new window
Wilderness Lodge, wdwfanatic:$$$, wdwinfo:4.5, (*find Ears Top10 $$$)
Beaches and Creamin new window
Whispering+Canyon (google)in new window
KIDS!, Wilderness Lodge, wdwfanatic:$$, wdwinfo:4.3, (Ears B $$)
Jiko (google)in new window
Animal Kingdom Lodge, African, has PB&J, wdwfanatic:$$$, (Ears)
Coral+Reef (google)in new window
KIDS!, Epcot, Indoor tank, wdwfanatic:$$$$$, themeparkinsider:7 (6v), wdwinfo:3.8,, (* 2Ears! $$$ kids)
Ohana (google)in new window
KIDS!, Polynesian Resort, about:$$$$, wdwfanatic:$$$$, wdwinfo:4.3,, (* $$ Kids), C$10 A$24
Kona (google)in new window
Polynesian, (lunch?), wdwinfo:4.2, wdwfanatic:$$, (Ears B $$)
Polynesian Luau C$25 A$50in new window
Garden View Lounge Afternoon Tea C$7 A$13in new window
Marrakesh (google)in new window
EPCOT, wdwinfo:4.1, themeparkinsider:8 (11v), wdwfanatic:$$$, (*find Ears $$$)

Public Debt Bureau of Public Debtin new window, Budget Background - Washington Postin new window, Public Debtin new window - Historical Budget Data
CBO Historical Budget Data in Wayback Machinein new window
search CBO for Historical Budget Datain new window
Congressional Budget Officein new window
CBO Historical Budget Datain new window

flowers flowersin new window
about 1000 well categorized and searchable, 7x7
neoflorain new window
10,000+, advanced search including color, thumbnails in results, 3x3 plants galleryin new window kmus botpicsin new window
list of sites on bitanical photography faculty carr nativesin new window
1000s of Hawaiian plants categorized with thumbnails on 100s of pages, many are close-ups and details
chili.rt66 hrbmoore Images JPEGSin new window
1000s grouped a few ways, 6x6, no thumbnails
Online Image Generators
gifworksin new window
3dtextmakerin new window
flamingtextin new window
eyewire WebObjects TypeViewerin new window
netstudioin new window
xara 3D Heading Makerin new window
optiviewin new window
gifwizardin new window
image search dittoin new window, photoalto default.lassoin new window, artville servlet HomePagein new window, altavista image searchin new window, bitstreamin new window, powerpicsin new window, photodiscin new window

Internet Radio
Internet Radio Stations - Alternative live2.ramin new window
radiobostonin new window
cyberradio2000in new window
rice.eduin new window
wartburg.eduin new window
wtburadio - plays wentin new window
akooin new window
not so live
cfoxin new window
thefixin new window
zero24-7in new window
crossrockin new window
wwrnin new window
radiowoodstockin new window
radiouin new window
Too much god stuff sometimes
soundbreakin new window
altavozin new window dept kepcin new window
Went powergig artist profilein new window, mp3 wentin new window, wentsongsin new window, Went Parachute amazon.comin new window, garageband artist wentin new window, garageband artist went album wentin new window, nyrock review 5/22/01in new window, wtburadio - plays wentin new window, WENT - Women of MP3.comin new window
Internet Radio Station Lists live365in new window, radio.sonicnetin new window, streamaudioin new window, music.zdnet nmc wmin new window, internetradiolistin new window
Top Internet Radio Sites live365in new window, sonicnetin new window, realguide.real tunerin new window, shoutcastin new window, radio.yahooin new window, alldanzradioin new window, echoin new window, netradioin new window, launchin new window, spinnerin new window, windowsmediain new window, All-Request Web - PCMag Article May '01in new window

Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace - ezoptravelin new window
Topkapi Palace - guide istanbulin new window
Several pages of information
topkapi Palace - explore turkeyin new window
18 pages, some with over 2000 words
Palace of Gold & Light: Treasures from the Topkapi, Istanbulin new window
300 words
Topkapi Palace ( new window
Several pages, some with over 2000 words
Topkapi Palace - explore istanbulin new window
1500 words
Splendors of Topkapi, Palace of the Ottoman Sultans (smithsonian)in new window
300 words
Istanbul Landmarks
guide istanbulin new window
Lots of info on various destinations
Istanbul - Planet Explorer and Discoveryin new window
QuickTime VR and info on several landmarks
Istanbul - ezoptravelin new window
short information on various destinations
Istanbul and Marmara Region - about-turkeyin new window
Short info on various landmarks
Dolmabahce Palace QuickTime VRin new window
Sites to See - Time Out Istanbul 2.0 (eunuch.ddg)in new window
A little info and a few thumbnails to photos for several landmarks. (More text and fewer photos than V1.1)
100s of istanbul photos - turk.chin new window
100s of thumbnails to photos of destinations in Istanbul
istanbulairportshuttletransportationin new window
Istanbulairportshuttletransportation offers you professional and reliable services 24/7.
Dolmabahce Palace Photosin new window
PLACES - Time Out Istanbul 1.1 ( new window
A little info and a few links to photos for several landmarks. (More photos and less text than V2.0)
Istanbul Photos
Roger and Bill's vacation photosin new window
7 pages, 20 photos with captions
Pictures from Turkey by Bill Jonesin new window
100+ large thumbs leading to original shots. ****
exploreistanbul Photos5in new window
twarp istview weeklyIstanbulin new window
exploreistanbul Photos3in new window
TIME OUT ISTANBUL 2.0 Pictures (ddg)in new window
200 links to photos
Robert Viau's Photos of Istanbul and Bursain new window
16 pages each with dozens of thumbs leading to full size shots
exploreistanbul Photos4in new window
exploreistanbul Photos2in new window
Istanbul Photos at washington.eduin new window
Time Out Istanbul 1.1 ( new window
Several pages with links to photos
istanbul - turk.chin new window
Lots of photos of several landmarks
Physical and human geography - britannicain new window
Istanbul History The early period - britannicain new window
Istanbul Delivers Diverse Feast for the Senses (denverpost)in new window
900 words
Istanbul Culture ( new window
200 historic shots of places and objects
byzantium1200in new window
Istanbul - britannicain new window
30 pages of information
Urban Landscape - new window
2000 words on architectur, monuments, and city plan
encyclopedia articles funkandwagnallsin new window, britannicain new window
Maps Larger Street Map*in new window, typical mapin new window, Huge with new window, Small Downtown Interactivein new window, 1 megapixel map of 100+ sites in Istanbulin new window, html 3in new window, Interactive map of landmarksin new window, 1 Meter Resolution Satellite Imagesin new window, allistanbulhotels yasmaklocationmapin new window, Big map with keyin new window, drilldown street mapin new window, Small Street Map with Photos and text on major landmarksin new window, Smaller map with keyin new window, big xerox with key in Turkish to unfaliliar placesin new window, Map of Uskudarin new window
travel sites B. Jonesin new window, ***in new window, www-com.iasis.svetcorp istanbulin new window, ezoptravel.comin new window, turk.chin new window, ***in new window, guideistanbul.netin new window, ****in new window, tour-turkey Walking_Toursin new window, ***in new window
Topkapi Palace Photos
www-com.iasis.svetcorp istanbul ist10in new window
Topkapi Palace QuickTime VRin new window
Topkapi Palace Photos - Time Out Istanbul 1.1in new window
30 links to photos
Topkapi Palace Photos - hasbahca.netin new window
60 thumbnails to photos: exterior, interior, and mostly objects
More Cybercafes in Turkey new window
More Cybercafes in Istanbul new window
dummyin new window
Cybercafe: Vakkoroma, Rumeli. Phone (Voice):0212-224 4030 Address: Rumeli Cad. No 80 Nisantasi Istanbul. Nisantasi is north of Taksim where the Hilton Hotel is.
Tourist Tipsin new window
citlembik.trin new window
Cybercafe Seyh Bender Sok. 18/5, Asmalimescit, Tünel, 80050 Istanbul Tel: 212 292 3032 new window
Seyh Bender Sok. 18/5, Asmalimescit, Tunel, Istanbul. Near the Beyoglu area. Near tramway in Taksim.
cafcocafein new window
Internet Cafe Cafe Sair Latifi sk.No:17 Moda Kadikoy Istanbul 81310 +902164491993
The Orient Hostelin new window
"last hostel in Europe" has a few terminals. West of Blue Mosque and Soth of Topcopi

Job Hunt
PCMag says ... Monsterin new window, HotJobsin new window, FreeAgentin new window, FlipDogin new window
ePinions says ...
epinions Jobsin new window
hotjobsin new window***^_ 27 reviews
Monsterin new window****_ 132 reviews
Career Assistance
Career Starter (solartechnj)in new window
One-Stop Career Center ( new window
Hoovers says ... kornferryin new window, Hirein new window, webhirein new window, Monsterin new window, tmpin new window, HeadHunter.NEtin new window, hotjobsin new window
Other Job Sites
in this window in new window  
expertsin new window
jobs (mmdeaton)in new windowReviews of sites
Antsin new window
Sites for Singles (inc mag)in new window
ZDNet Reviews Online Freelance Sitesin new window
ithorityin new windowGet paid for answering questions.
advocoin new windowGet paid for answering questions.
inikuin new window
talentmarket.monsterin new windowJobs bid on you.
Dicein new window
eWorkin new window
FlipDogin new window
JobsOnlinein new window
elancein new windowYou bid on jobs for $25/mo. Popular
computerjobsin new windownot working 3/21/02
freeagentin new window**** top site by Opus360. Has an employer of record plan: W-2, 401K, insurance, retirement, ...
guruin new window**** top site

Satellite Images planetobserverin new window, terraserver.microsoftin new window, terraserverin new window, SeaWiFS gsfc.nasa.govin new window, mapquestin new window, globeexplorerin new window, More new window
Street Maps expediain new window, - worldin new window, yahooin new window, mapquestin new window, mapsonusin new window, mapblastin new window
Other Map Sites Libs PCL Map_collection Map_collectionin new window earthview vplanetin new window
tiger.census.govin new window
mapsin new window
50statesin new window
worldpress mapin new window
weather maps
accuweatherin new window
Time Zones
B&W JPeg by new window
Big Color JPeg map by utexas.eduin new window
planetobserverin new window
topozonein new window
maptech mapserverin new window
World Atlas sitesatlasin new window, infopleasein new window, mapquestin new window, funkandwagnallsin new window

My Favorites
My Favorites
google spreadsheetsin new window
NetFlixin new window
7 Online Weatherin new window
bevnap.blogspotin new window
GMailin new window
TV listings (tvguide)in new window
WNYC fmin new window
Yahoo Newsin new window
dpreviewin new window
IMDBin new window
bevnap.wetpaintin new window
SlashDotin new window
Rotten Tomatoesin new window
Amazonin new window
engadgetin new window
Monsterin new window
TV 03 Premiers (allinfoabout)in new window, gist tvin new window, 03 Premiers (Zap2it)in new window, tvguidein new window, zap2itin new window, usatoday tvin new window, emonlinein new window, scifiin new window
More Favorites
Yahoo Mailin new window
vic thrill forumin new window
infopleasein new window
freedb.orgin new window
Network Solutionsin new window
HotMailin new window
NJ Corp. Annual Reportin new window
resize 764x569in new window
megamillionsin new window
domainsurferin new window
Ain't It Cool Newsin new window
Area Code Lookupin new window
ZIP Codesin new window
Area Code Listin new window
IP Addressin new window
Reverse Phone Lookupin new window
Science Radio
Quirks & Quarks (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.)in new window
More at Yahooin new window
Pulse of the Planet (National Geographic)in new window
Talk of the Nation: Science Friday (NPR)in new window
Star Date (mcdonaldobservatory and )in new window
Earth & Sky (90 seconds)in new window
Science Update (90 seconds)in new window
Free MP3s
insoundin new window
music.downloadin new window
sputnik7in new window
selfstarterfoundationin new window
epitonicin new window
betterpropagandain new window
in this window in new window  
PATHin new window
NJ Traffic WebCamsin new window
Subway Maps (nypirg Straphangers Campaign)in new window
nywaterwayin new window
Subwayin new window
NJ Transitin new window
Commuter Trains and Buses
Amtrakin new window
MTAin new window
NYC Subways and Buses, LI Trains and Buses, Metro North
Shop pricewatchin new window, consumerreviewin new window, amazonin new window, mysimonin new window, epinionsin new window
Misc WebTechniquesin new window, hooversin new window, Wayback Machinein new window, deja usenetin new window, TGGoogleBrowser (touchgraph)in new window, babelfishin new window, tracertin new window, flightviewin new window, Internet Connection Speed Testsin new window
tamatownin new window
postopiain new window
miniclipin new window

Bad hush-hushin new window, personal7 zuzuzc 00gal zoo1in new window, venividicummedin new window

Other Interests
Cable Network / Wireless 80211b.webloggerin new window, The Broadband Report (techweb)in new window, nycwireless.netin new window
wiki Pat_Jabbar ( new window
Hacking new window
Essex Fells
avginc ( new window
projects coah coah ( new window
towns EssexFells welcome ( new window
Achilles Tendon emedx emedx diagnosis_information foot-ankle_disorders achilles_tendon_tear_outlinein new window, emedx emedx diagnosis_information foot-ankle_disorders achilles_surgical_repairin new window, google - acute "Achilles tendon rupture" "physical therapy"in new window, google - acute "Achilles tendon rupture" rehabilitationin new window, google - "achilles tendon" "complete tear" "physical therapy"in new window, google - "achilles tendon" "complete tear" rehabilitationin new window
Palm Clock Softwarein new window, Palmin new window, HotPaw Basic Programming Softwarein new window, ZDNet Palm Downloadsin new window, TUCOWSin new window, Clocks and Calendarsin new window, palmgearin new window, Calc. Conversion Softwarein new window
Wikipedia, Britannica: A Toss-Upin new window
Wal-marts Wikipedia Warin new window
Wikipedia article altered repeatedly to criticize Lake Expressin new window
who writes wikipedia (aaronsw)in new window
Stephen Colbert Causes Chaos on Wikipedia, Gets Blocked from Sitein new window
A thirst for knowledge (guardian)in new window
Ski Mountains mount snowin new window, killingtonin new window, mad river glenin new window, skicamelbackin new window, hunter mountainin new window
Hamster Sex
HamsterUniversity SexingHamsters (hamsterific)in new window
articles faq ( new window
calnet sexing page7 ( new window
sexing (hamsterhideout)in new window
sexing (petwebsite)in new window
sillyhammy sexing (geocities)in new window
hams id19 (russiandwarfhamsters.tripod)in new window

non-science Quintessence of the Loonin new window, badastronomyin new window, crankin new window
evolution Talk.Origins Archive*in new window, Punctuated Equilibriain new window
Accelerating Universe
newshour bb science jan-june98 universe_2-27 ( new window
themeofthemonth october01_ ( new window
healthscience 19981218cosmos5 (post-gazette)in new window
Athens Forum 9470 universe (geocities)in new window
quantized red shift
Book Review: Seeing Red by Halton Arpin new window
Cosmologies compared to Big Bangin new window
Refutations of Some Claims about Cosmology and Relativityin new window
Shortcomings of the Standard Cosmologyin new window
Seeing Red : Redshifts, Cosmology and Academic Sciencein new window
amazon book
The Four Pillars of the Standard Cosmologyin new window
The Astronomy Cafein new window
Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorialin new window
Introduction to Cosmologyin new window
Age of Universe
level5 Lineweaver Linew1 ( new window
m_uni uni_101age ( new window
birthoftime ( new window
nasa.govin new window, hubble.stsci.eduin new window, sciencein new window, Galileo - spacecraft orbiting Jupiter since 95in new window, treasure-troves of sciencein new window

Largest Search Engines
ussc.allthewebin new window
northernlightin new window
inktomiin new window
altavistain new window
Specialized Search Sites
google unclesamin new window
governmental information
mysimonin new window
comparison shopping
academicinfoin new window
academic materials
moreoverin new window
news stories
dittoin new window
online images
humorsearchin new window
funny stuff
biolinksin new window
scientific information
financialfindin new window
financial information
searchpdf.adobein new window
search adobe pdf files
northernlight geosearchin new window
local businesses
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Packed with features. Lots of ratings.
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Goedeker's is an online retailer of appliances.
reelin new window
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Dig around in here
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Hard to find stuff.
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Only 4 Turkey tours listed.
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Excellent europe forumin new window
Good discussion group
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Mark Twain's Innocents Abroadin new window
Lord Kinross' The Ottoman Centuriesin new window
A Fez of the Heart by Jeremy Sealin new window
Tour Operators
far horizon - turkeyin new window
Recommended by as Special-Interest Educational Study.
Peter Sommer Travels: Turkey tours and gulet cruisesin new window
Exceptional escorted tours, gulet cruises & private gulet charters in Turkey, Greece and Italy.
about MOUNTAIN TRAVEL-SOBEK (travelocity)in new window
In Travelocity as a Cultural Exploration Vacation (Moderately Easy)
pacha toursin new window
mentioned in discussions a lot. Reviewed well. Top recommendation by, "Middle East specialist ... reasonably priced regular cultural overviews" ~$1500per incl air-fare.
bluevoyage (+gulet)in new window
Gulet recommended by
GuideToTurkey-Turkey's First Online Tour Operatorin new window
In less than 9 months, more than 30,000 travel professionals around the world have been introduced to, which gives them fast, easy, profitable access to the all the services they need...
GuideToTurkey-Turkey's First Online Travel Specialistin new window
historic journeys - greece & turkeyin new window
By The History Channel and FAR&WIDE/IST-Tours. Top Recommendation in as Special-Interest, Educational & Study Travel. $4000per excl air-fare.
isramin new window
This is the one we finally selected because it included Süleymaniye Mosque, it fit our schedule, and it looks really nice. - Overseas Adventure Travelin new window
pitched to us by our agent and we looked at them
Cultural Folk Tours Int'l (boraozkok)in new window
inca floats turkeyin new window
Gulet. Top recommendation by, "If you're looking for luxury without compromising the authenticity of your Turkish experience, INCA provides nature and cultural adventures." $5K per excl air-fare.
farandwidein new window
Far and Wide is a large family of tour operators including Central Holidays and the imfamous Tourlite, both of which were pitched to us by our agent which is scary.
About OAT (softadventure turkey)in new window

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Turkish Mosques
More Individual Mosques Non-Sinan
Ortakoy Mosque (Buyuk Mecidiye Camii) ( new window
1 big shot
Fatih Mosque, 1470, rebuilt 1771 (explore istanbul)in new window
Kariye Camii ( new window
Yeni Mosque / New Mosque, Istanbul (www-com.iasis.svetcorp)in new window
Uc Serefeli Mosque, Edirne 1447 pre Sinan (mersina)in new window
Fatih Mosque, 1470, rebuilt 1771 (www-com.iasis.svetcorp)in new window
Ortakoy Mosque (Buyuk Mecidiye Camisi) ( new window
1 large shot
Uc Serefeli Mosque, Edirne 1447 pre Sinan ( new window
Nur-u Osmaniye Mosque ( new window
Mihrimah, Edirnekapi (1 minaret), Sinan 65
Mihrimah Sultan Mosque Edirnekapi (1562?-1565?) ( new window turkey turkey marmara istanbul istmosqin new window
This one says it's in Edirnekapi slides ottoctcin new window
This says it's in Edirnekapi and shows it with 1 minaret and says the years 1562-65. "the central dome is supported on three sides by three semi-domes"
mihrimah mosque (Building Big by PBS)in new window
Suleymaniye Mosque, Mimar Sinan, 1557
Suleiman's Mosque - guide istanbulin new window istanbul suleymaniyein new window
Süleymaniye Mosque Photos - turk.chin new window
7 Thumbnails to photos
gate bjones sul_mosqin new window
Suleymaniye Mosque - ezoptravelin new window
www-com.iasis.svetcorp istanbul ist3in new window
Suleymaniye Mosque - suite101.comin new window
Mihrimah/Iskele, Uskudar, Sinan 48
This one calls it Iskele in Uskudar, 1547 (early)in new window
geocities NapaValley 8512 uskfranin new window
This shows the one in Uskudar with 2 minerets when it should have one and mentions the years 1520-1566.
bigglook biggtraveleng history ottomancomplexin new window
This says it was built in Uskudar in '48.
turkeytraveller i_7txin new window
This says it's in Uskudar
Mimar Sinan
atamanhotel sinanin new window academics aldiv art webcourses arth100 empire Ottomans ottsinanin new window
Mimar Sinan Mosques ( new window
1600 words
16th Century Ottoman Mosque Photos ( new window
40 thumbnails with generous captions leading to large photos. Not all mosques are by Mimar Sinan.
theguideistanbul istanbul features 2009 sinanin new window agakhan Sinanin new window
guidetoturkey aboutturkey history mimar_sinan.shtmlin new window
Ottoman Architecture List (nice wallpaper too)in new window
Works of Art by Sinan The Great - theguideistanbulin new window
BOOK: Sinan, 24 pages, Ages 8+in new window grupc ca caa uu marmara sinanin new window
Sinan - britannicain new window
List of Mosques
List of Mosques in Istanbul and Ankara ( new window
50 links to photos and plenty of text on each mosque html 3in new window
turktravel eng travelindex KUTSALYERLER kutsalyerlerin new window
bigglook biggtraveleng history ottomanperin new window
istanbulcityguide history body_mosquesin new window
searchturkey istanbul Culture istanbul_mosquesin new window
about-turkey mosquein new window
naturekey regions marmara istanbul_mosin new window
geocities TheTropics Paradise 5831 ist_mosqin new window
turizm cities istanbul ottomanin new window
Blue Mosque / Sultanahmet Mosque 1616
Blue Mosque - guide istanbulin new window
Sultanahmet Mosque - turk.chin new window
8 Thumbnails to Photos istanbul sultanahmetin new window
Blue Mosque - ezoptravelin new window
gate bjones blue_mosqin new window
www-com.iasis.svetcorp istanbul ist12in new window
More Individual Mosques by Sinan
Rustem Pasha by Sinan, Tahtakale, Istanbul, 1561 (turktravel)in new window
Shehzade mosque, Istanbul, Mimar Sinan, 1548 (www-com.iasis.svetcorp)in new window
Molla Celebi Mosque (FINDIKLI MOSQUE) by Sinan (turktravel)in new window
Sokollu Mehmet Pasa (Sokullu,Pasha) Sinan 1539-88 ( new window
Sokollu Mehmet Pasa (Sokullu,Pasha) Sinan 1539-88 (turktravel)in new window
Cenabi Ahmet Pasa Mosque, Ankara by Sinan (turktravel)in new window
Beyazit Mosque, Istanbul (early period) ark2 archtm dw957in new window, kapali-carsi mosque_beyazit_usin new window, caingram Turkeyin new window
About Mosques
Mosques - istanbul city guidein new window
1000 words about 18 individual mosques in Istanbul
about-turkey mosquesin new window
500 words about a few individual mosques in Istanbul
Mosques in Istanbul - explore istanbulin new window
500 words about a few individual mosques in Istanbul
turk travel - mosques and morein new window
Pages on several mosques
Istanbul's Major Mosquesin new window
1000 words about 9 individual mosques in Istanbul
Mosques - new window
500 words about 7 individual mosques in Istanbul
CULTUREL DETAILS OF ISTANBUL - The big mosque complexes and Royal mosquesin new window
7000 words about mosques in Istanbul koseoglu place2in new window
500 words about 8 individual mosques in Istanbul
Hagia Sophia / Ayasofya / St. Sophia
bartleby 65 ha HagiaSopin new window
Contains mesurements and other facts
The Structural World of Hagia Sophiain new window
Includes pendentive geometry
turktravel eng travelindex KUTSALYERLER Camiler ayasofyain new window
Ayasofya - turktravelin new window
Hagia Sophia - explore istanbulin new window
Hagia Sophia Photos - turk.chin new window
20 thumbnails to photos istanbul ayasofyain new window
comptons.comin new window
Scroll down to Byzantine Empire. Contains dimentions of Hagia Sophia
www-com.iasis.svetcorp istanbul ist11in new window
St. Sophia Museum - ezoptravelin new window
Hagia Sophia - guide istanbulin new window
The Structure of Hagia Sophiain new window
Hagia Sophia (building big by PBS)in new window
gate bjones hagh_sophin new window
Sinan Pasa Mosque, Istanbul, Besiktas aristotours about_turkey ist_bospin new window
Mosque Photos
members.tripod kelsayed Tours mosquesin new window
7 full shots on one page
Islamic Architecture - Periods Index ( new window
35 thumbs leading to small shots with some data which lead to full screen B&W shots
Ottoman Mosquein new window
40 thumbs with nice captions leading to full shots
Mosques 2 - webshotsin new window
25 thumbnails leading to exterior shots of mosques
archivision index1A10in new window
20 thumbs leading to mid sized watermarked shots
Mosques 1 - webshotsin new window
36 thumbnails leading to exterior shots of mosques
Old Black and White Photos of Mosques in Istanbulin new window
20 thumbnails to photos mosques mq_in new window
23 thumbs to full photos
Selimiye Mosque, Edirne, Mimar Sinan, 1574
turkeytraveller ed_pho95in new window edirne selimiyein new window
Selimiye Mosque - turktravelin new window
very short
Selimiye Mosque, Edirnein new window
Selimiye Mosquein new window
A few big pictures

imdb farscapein new window
Farscape Episode Guide (good)in new window
sadgeezer (dead?)in new window FAQ (best)in new window
scifi farscapein new window
farscape (not great)in new window
hensonin new window

Wish List
product (buytelescopes) 3in new window
ehobbies-com 1004-1133 (ehobbies)in new window
product (buytelescopes) 2in new window
product (buytelescopes)in new window
meadetelescopes-10starfinder (telescope)in new window
cp family review .cfm id 19027 (products.consumerguide)in new window
ehobbies-com 1004-2441 (ehobbies)in new window

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