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Unlike every other traffic analyzer, this one lets you design every report.

We need beta testers! Get a free copy if you fill out this questionnaire.

What Makes LogJam Different
  • You can write your own reports. And you can start using your own reports right away. You don't have to wait hours while your log files get reprocessed. If you know a little SQL, that's even better.
  • You can drill down into the details of a report. With LogJam, you can see exactly why one page gets so many hits from search engines or why one browser is so popular.
  • Runs great on shared hosting accounts. There are no EXEs or DLLs to install. And you don't have to wait for your log files to download. Finally, Verio, DataReturn, and Interland customers have a choice.

Examples of Tough Questions Answered
  • Who's using Google's cache?
  • How many of those hits are caused by search engines or the webmaster?
  • Which page is each search term leading to?

What is a Web Traffic Analyzer?

A Web Traffic Analyzer uses the log files in your web server to help you see what your visitors are doing.



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