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Considering the Color Blind
Design Evaluation
3 WAYS to see what your colors look
like to the color-blind.

Filter HTML
Paste your HTML here.

This filtering changes the color values in your HTML and then displays your page. It removes style sheets and ignores images since it does not work for them yet. Open a new window and go to the page you want to analize. Right-click the page and choose View Source. Select and copy all the HTML and paste it in this text box.
Filter Color Values
Enter your color values that look like #ff9900 is orange.

3 Go to
They have on-line color-blind image filtering. It's better for sites with lots of images. TIP Take a screenshot of your page, save it, and then go to Vischeck.

The data used for some color data filtering comes from Hans Brettel's site at It accompanies the article "Digital Video Colourmaps for Checking the Legibility of Displays by Dichromats" by Françoise Viénot, Hans Brettel, and John D. Mollon, published in the August 1999 issue of Color Research and Application 24, 243-252.

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